School Meals

A two course nutritionally balanced hot meal is cooked on the premises daily.

Children have the choice of either having a hot lunch or bringing in their own packed lunch. For each half term you will be required to book which days of the week your child eats a hot lunch.

All children are supervised at lunchtime by a team of lunchtime supervisors under the direction of the Senior Mid-day Supervisor and the Headteacher.

St Johns Primary School and Nurseries are nut, coconut and sesame free, we ask that you do not send your children in with food containing these products including hummus which contains sesame. 

Hot Lunches

A two course nutritionally balanced hot meal is cooked on the premises daily served in the School Hall. Children are encouraged to eat and try new foods. If a child is not eating over a period of time, you will be informed.

Each day the children are offered a choice of main course eg a meat, vegetarian or jacket potato option and a dessert. Halal chicken is also offered on roast dinner days and other days when chicken is being served. You can view an example of the current menu on our caterer’s website: Please note that the actual menu offered at St John’s will be different.

If your child has a food allergy or requires a special diet, please make sure you have completed a Special Diet Request Form form and enclose a recent photograph.

St John’s is a ‘Nut Free Zone’ which means that no nuts are used in the School Meals. 

Free School Meals

The new Government initiative of free school meals for all Reception, Year 1 and 2 children takes effect from September 2014.

If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals (i.e. you receive Income Support), please ask at the office for an application form. Your request will be treated in strict confidence


School meal price for children in Nursery and Year 3-6 is £2.70 – a day / £13.50 per week.

School meals must be paid for in advance. Either half termly on the first day before 9am or weekly on each Monday morning before 9am for the week ahead.

You can make payment online via our school payment system, Arbor.

Packed Lunches

Should your child wish to have a packed lunch, parents are asked to provide a nutritious meal (in a suitable container). We like to encourage healthy eating and so ask that no sweets or chocolate are sent in. St Johns is a nut, coconut and sesame free zone which means we do ask that parents do not send anything into School in lunch boxes that contain nuts, i.e. peanut butter sandwiches, nuts in muesli bars, hummus etc. If your child has a food allergy please notify us in writing.

Drinks brought for lunch must be in a screw-topped plastic container. Please ensure that your child has items that they can open themselves as there are only so many pairs of hands of help at one time!


Children in Reception have the opportunity to visit our snack bar during their morning or afternoon session.  This is a fruit /vegetable snack and is sometimes supplemented by breadsticks. This is proved by the Government scheme,  however, we do ask parents to contribute to our snack bar to provide a variety for the children to choose from.  This gives the children the opportunity to try different types of fruit and vegetables.

KS1 & KS2, children are allowed to bring in snacks to eat at morning break.  These snacks must be small so as not to spoil the children’s appetite for lunch, and KS1 children should bring them in a small named container.  No sweets or chocolate are allowed.  The ideal snack is a piece of fruit (oranges should be peeled if the child cannot do it themselves) or vegetable or piece of cheese etc. Children are encouraged to bring in water bottles these can be refilled from various drinking water outlets around the school.

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