Reception is a caring and nurturing environment. We promote independence and creativity through wide and varied activities which the children find enjoyable, interesting, and challenging. We adapt the EYFS curriculum to suit the needs of each individual child, providing them with the skills and love for lifelong learning. 

In all types of weather children enjoy a large range of physical activities such as den building, construction, water play and role play. The garden area is ideal for discovery and exploration. The children enjoy observing the environment outside change, watching the flowers, animals, birds and insects emerge. We take care to protect and respect our natural environment, finding ways to nurture and encourage the animals and plant life. 

Inside the classrooms children enjoy a wide range of activities, learning through whole class inputs, group work and one to one focuses. There are opportunities for adult initiated and child initiated activities every day linked to themes taken from the children’s interests and ideas. 

Children in Reception also utilise the shared areas of the school including the Hall for P.E sessions, our Forest Area for Forest Schools, and the field for outdoor play. 



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